Services and Software

Custom Programming

This is one of our many strengths at Automation. The ability to design, write, and implement a software solution specifically tailored to meet your needs. We have decades of experience creating software for a vast array of businesses. We can observe your current process and assist you in defining your needs. Once this process is complete, we can write your software.

We use a layered approach to writing your custom package. Beginning with a basic design, and adding layers of features based on your needs. Many people do not realize the dynamic nature of custom software. Once the nucleus of the system is created and you begin using it, the design renders a new understanding of the capabilities of an automated system. With this new understanding, most customers begin changing the design of the package. This is why it is important to start with a basic system and layered approach. By using this method, you will be allowed the opportunity to modify the design without a major impact on the cost of writing your custom package. If many new features or a more complicated design is required, there will obviously be an increase in the amount of time necessary to write the system, which will affect the overall cost. However, our goal is to keep the modifications to a minimum in order to keep the total cost of the system within your initial budget.


The most common need for consulting services involves a site analysis and recommendations for automating your business. As consultants, we are able to walk into your business with fresh eyes and look for ways to improve the productivity of your office from the standpoint of hardware and software services. We are capable of making recommendations for a better utilization of your existing computer system as well as suggestions to upgrade your current hardware and software.

Most companies are not using technology to its full potential. Improvements for increased productivity may be as simple as implementing a better use of word processing, email or scheduling software or as diverse as the purchase of new software, hardware or implementing a custom system. We are also willing to work with your current hardware and software vendors in order to ease the communication gap that often exists between business and the information technology world. We are very good at translating computerese to English.

McDonald's Franchise Back-Office Software

One of our most robust software offerings is a complete back-office solution for McDonald's Owner/Operators. We offer software to meet most, if not all, of your back-office needs. With everything from accounting software to name badge printing, our solutions are thorough as well as diverse. Our system allows for a paperless office through a process of report archival. You have access to all of your current and archived reports via local hardware storage solutions or archived DVDs of your oldest data.

Please contact us for a more detailed description of our packages. A brief list of our solutions are provided below:

  • Vast arry of office solutions providing enhanced productivity
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • ISP Integration via QsrSoft or Winspoc
  • Integration to Martin Brower Invoices
  • Cashless Reconciliation integrated with your bank and First Data
  • Additional Information

Accounting Software

Automation's accounting software is an integrated package consisting of Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Invoicing. It is a multi-client, multi-company all encompassing system written for the mid-size business market. This multi-user system is available on several different platforms including Windows, Netware, and Linux to name just a few.

We utilize a batch process of entering data in the A/P, A/R and G/L components. This allows a substantial amount of data to be entered and proofed before posting to the "live data" system. Full integration to General Ledger is accomplished by creating G/L batches from each sub-system. This also allows edits to be performed before the data is posted and eliminates the need for adjusting entries when corrections need to be made.

By purchasing our accounting software you are investing in the future of your company. Unlike mass-produced, packaged software, we are able to modify our software to meet the requirements of your business as needs change and your business grows. We can add additional reports or enhance the entire software system. There is no limit to the capabilities of this software.

Medical Office Management Software

Our Medical Office Management Software tracks patient demographic, diagnosis and insurance information. Fee slips are printed for each patient and patient transactions are processed from the daily service and deposit reports through the claim process and entry of insurance benefits received. Electronic claim processing and management of claims is provided by Gateway EDI. Paper claims may be printed when necessary as well as the capability to re-print claims as needed. Statements are printed at the end of the month along with monthly reporting options.

This software has been written and is maintained by Automation. Custom enhancements and modifications are just one benefit of purchasing a proprietary software system. As your practice grows and your needs evolve, our software has the capability to evolve as well.